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Homeowners should be protected while having renovation work done on their homes or during new construction!


Permit = Protection

If you perform construction work without the benefit of a building permit, the investment in your property is at risk; Your local building code official can inform you whether the work meets with current building standards.

In applying for a Building Permit, a homeowner is protecting himself and his investment. By filing the required architectural drawings, construction specifications and contractor insurance, the process of application review will begin. Once the permit is approved, the construction can proceed. The Building Department will then have a “Code Enforcement Official” inspect this work, and issue a C.O. once it has been completed, meeting all of the local municipality and New York State Building Code Requirements.


Our highly trained staff is dedicated to taking on all the heavy lifting so that you don't have to worry about anything throughout the entire permit process.

Deborah Yelvington

PRESIDENT, Owner of the Company


As a Business Owner since 1998 with 25 years’ experience working in the planning and construction industry, Debbie’s expertise in the field has forged a unique and successful planning and permit business serving all of Long Island’s existing community of homes.


Her entrepreneurial ventures and communication skills blend together with her dynamic zeal for interaction with people to form the company’s mission statement: “Dynamic Permits strives to educate homebuyers about the legal ins and outs of Zoning, Planning and Property Permits. We are experienced, knowledgeable and excel in the field as one of the most organized and effective permit expediting groups on Long Island.” 

Beverly Gordon



Beverly is our Administrator and has been an incredible support to the functioning of our company. She has a wide variety of skills on her resume for 25 years and has been an essential addition to our office.


Her experience and care for people make it easy for her to maintain efficient and positive communication with all of our clients, and establishes for us a pleasant work environment. Beverly is responsible for the intake and organization of all new projects information and is the backbone of our success. 

Michelle Buchanan

Project Manager / ZBA Variance Consultant


Michelle’s people skills and organizational abilities support her role as a project manager. 


Her background in Law assists her in interpreting State and Local Ordinances while also being adept at the case preparation for each hearing she represents. When dealing with municipalities, Michelle’s credo is, “be consistent, firm and polite.” Her gregarious, outgoing nature makes her a favorite with all of our clients.

Joann Weimer

Project Manager / Permit Expeditor / Notary Public


Joann’s prior experience in the sales field makes her a natural in client relations and smoothing out the way through Building Department bureaucracies. 


She is a natural organizer and is excellent in the coordination of all permit requirements and homeowner needs.

Barbara Natale

Project Manager/Permit Expeditor/Notary Public


After raising three boys, Barb joined our team looking to put her BA to good use.


She is very proficient in Building Department relations and clever in problem solving. Her talents and skills work together to keep day to day goals in focus.  Her passion and conviction promote advocacy for the homeowner.

Nubia Baquero



Nubia’s expertise in interpretation and translation of Spanish/English has given her the tools to succeed in bilingual settings. In exercising her training acquired as an Educational Administrator, Nubia has been able to establish meaningful relationships with people of different origins and backgrounds, and is always looking to help people to succeed in very practical ways.


Nubia would help homeowners to be educated and informed regarding the building codes and planning requirements for single-family and multi-family building permits and rental applications.

Dynamic Permits’ goal is for their clients to have peace of mind by eliminating the uncertainty and headache of the building permit process.

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