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One of our most popular services at Dynamic Permits is the expediting of finished basements for residential homes.


Whether your a family looking for that extra space for the kids to play or you are looking to earn some extra rental income - You’ll find that dynamic permits is easily the most important link in the chain.

We alleviate all of the stress and worry that comes from having to acquire permits, meet design criteria and prepare a plan that is acceptable to the local Building department.


In many cases you may have purchased a home with some kind of finished basement that didn’t have the necessary permits or CO’s. Times have changed and it’s nearly impossible to sell a home without all of the required permits in place.


In these cases we can take care of everything, including the drawing up of any required plans - or even providing contractors if necessary.

We can even handle the design of recreational space or additional bedrooms for that extra income. You’ll quickly find that Dynamic Permits is really a one-stop-shop solution!

Call or email us today for your free consultation and let Dynamic Permits put your plans in motion.

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