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Do I Need a Permit to Build a Patio?

If you are considering building a patio in your backyard, you've probably already started looking around for inspiration when it comes to the kind of patio, the size, where to put it etc...

And at some point you come to the realization that you might need to get a building permit in order to avoid nightmare situations such as:

  • Paying fines

  • Having to tear down the structure losing all the effort and cost that went into the build

  • Being responsible for additional back taxes

  • Having insurance claims denied if there is an injury

  • Delayed closings when selling your home and a weakened selling position

  • and more...

The short answer to whether or not you need a permit to build a patio is: maybe.

Governments have a wide variety of county, municipal, and district building requirements designed to ensure that permanent structures are safe and "up to code."

Because each state has its own set of regulations regarding what they consider to be "permissible" it impossible to make any accurate blanket statement about whether or not you will need a permit for your project.

That being said - finding out whether or not you need a permit is the easy part, it is the actual process of correctly obtaining the building permit is where it can get more complicated.

How to Get a Building Permit for a Patio

The process of getting a building permit starts with the building permit authority in your area - usually the building department. The information that you will need to have in order to file is usually accessible on the building department website.

It's important to understand that obtaining a permit is not a single "task", but rather a process. And it's likely that you will have to return to the building department office multiple times after an initial review of your plans before you start any actual construction.

This is where having a permit expeditor can save you a lot of time and headache, and ensure that everything is done correctly the first time so that you are 100% protected.

While the specific information you will need for the building inspector might be different in different municipalities - the following is a list of the types of information you should have ready:

  • A detailed drawing of plans, including scale measurements of yard. (Paying particular attention to any areas that connect to an existing structure)

  • The dimensions of the length, width and height of the proposed patio (including base and/or deck)

  • The thickness and placement of any joists to be used

  • The height of any guardrails

  • A complete list of materials that will be used in construction

Building a patio is a wonderful addition to any backyard and will likely provide enjoyment for years to come. So it's important to make sure it's done with the proper permits in place so you can enjoy it with full peace of mind and no issues.

If you are planning to build a new patio the team at Dynamic Permits can take care of the entire building permit process for you from start to finish. Contact us here for a free consultation.


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