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What is a Building Permit?

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A building permit is an official approval by your local building department that allows you, or a hired contractor, to construct something new or remodel an existing structure on your property.

Building permits ensure that homeowners and/or contractors comply with local ordinances and state building codes.

These bylaws are put in place to make sure additions, renovations and other projects are safe for the homeowners and for members of the community, and that they don't negatively impact property values in the area. A building permit is the primary approval you need to begin your project.

It's best to hold off starting a project until all building and plumbing permits are secured. Keep in mind that a building permit is not a form of insurance. Nor is it the same as a final C.O. (certificate of occupancy).

A Certificate of Occupancy or (C.O.) is the final document which a municipality issues certifying a building’s compliance with a local building codes and other laws.

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